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Consumers always depend on others to tell them about their experiences before they can buy something offline or online. In the past, people relied on those close to them for referrals. With time the rise of print brought the Consumer Report magazine to the fore for the same purpose. The magazine disseminated information about brands, products and suppliers to willing buyers and sellers in a bid to educate them as consumers.

But with the rise of e-commerce becoming in the early 90’s, it became imperative that e-commerce companies had to device ways to share consumer reports in real time, online. That’s why, customer reviews, star ratings are very much part of the business for companies like Amazon who lead the e-commerce fore. This has not only helped them thrive, but has built consumer confidence and safety when they’re shopping apart from a few instances where these are manipulated.

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Students and their consumerism

Students face challenging times dividing time between what is important and what’s passing. Most of them are always worried about not doing something they ought to be doing. Essays are some of them. When they are overwhelmed, they run to essay writing companies for help, which should be good, right? Many essay writing companies, unlike many e-commerce venture, are absent on consumer reports either under the control of the founding companies, or otherwise.

Why you should review essay e-commerce companies

E-commerce companies operate with reviews at their heart. These reviews help to build the confidence of their customers. With a lack of these reviews on site, other players are needed to step in to help the consumers. This is why beautytipsguides.com has been specially designed to share reviews about essay writing companies. We are sure that doing this will sanitize an industry that mostly operates without oversight.

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How it works

beautytipsguides.com continuously communicates the need for real buyers of essays to stand up and protect their friends. We collect the customer feedback about different essay writing companies as ratings on core elements of customer satisfaction like quality and price, as well as comment describing the experience they had. We organize and publish these for the public- consumers of essay services. We also send out experts to review various essay writing companies and the feedback we receive is published as a service summary that enables the consumers to make solid decisions.